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Payton has enjoyed a lengthy sales career in the  Oil & Gas sector and developed a passion for nutrition/fitness/hormones while pursing his own personal weight loss and fitness goals. He has competed in multiple Texas NPC Men’s Bodybuilding and Physique events and grew up playing Baseball.

Payton and his wife have two children and enjoy traveling for electronic music and food. He enjoys attending professional sporting events and spends his spare time pursuing music/sound production.

Payton consistently finishes last in his fantasy leagues but does boast about winning numerous competitive eating challenges.

University of Texas Permian Basin (2006) Business Management.

health and wellbeing


& Family

Jerried began his healthcare career in the chiropractic field before pivoting into his family nurse practitioner role in 2015. Jerried enjoys helping people obtain their highest quality of life through both homeopathic and holistic interventions. With his chiropractic background he enjoys finding natural alternatives to help patients obtain functional wellness.  He has been excited to incorporate hormone and peptide therapy into practice to help patient’s reach their full potential.

Jerried and his wife have two children and enjoy family activities and their kid’s sports. He spends his spare time trying his best to be a scratch golfer.

Parker College of Chiropractic (2009)

Wayland Baptist University (2013) Nursing

Middle Tennessee State (2015) Master’s Nursing

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